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Independent Long Island (ILI) contemplates on whether to join the Commonwealth

December 31, 2007

With 30% of Internet votes in favor – the second and third place Garden City and Long Island City took 22% and 12% of the votes respectively – Brooklyn was voted the capital of Independent Long Island (ILI), a junior or developing Fourth World nation made up of the Brooklyn and Queens boroughs of New York City, as well as Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Polls were also closed on the issue of what should be the general goal of the Independent Long Island (ILI) movement. Here people expressed greater support for the full secession (triple secession) position with 47.1% of the votes, while supporters of ILI statehood (double secession) gathered 35.3% of the votes. It is clear that while the ILI statehood position enjoys some support among Iliers or ILI enthusiasts, full secession from the United States is viewed more favorably.

Now a new poll was opened today on the Independent Long Island (ILI) Web site, and it asks Iliers or ILI fans whether ILI should join the (British) Commonwealth of Nations.

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