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SVR’s next convention to be held in VT State House!

January 25, 2008

The Second Vermont Republic (SVR) is a secessionist group within the US state of Vermont that seeks to return to the formerly independent status of the Vermont Republic (1777–91).

I follow the movement closely because I’ve had personal contacts with one of the leaders, Thomas Naylor, who was also quite impressed with my work with Independent Long Island (ILI).

I just received a precious piece of news from Dr Naylor through the mail. If you don’t understand how shocking the news is, I suggest you re-read this again.

The Second Vermont Republic has annual conventions with other secessionist groups, and the Second North American Secessionist Convention was held in October last year in Chattanooga, Tennessee, as was an astonishing success. However, the Second Vermont Republic also has periodic statewide conventions, and the next one is scheduled to be held in November 2008.

Well, the Second Vermont Republic was granted permission to hold its Second Statewide Convention on Secession in the House Chamber of the Vermont State House on 7 November 2008, just 3 days after the US federal election day!


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