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ILI flag flying high around the world

March 11, 2008

The polls are now closed. With a 4 to 0 vote, Independent Long Island registered voters have voted in favour of ILI joining the Commonwealth, if that is at all possible.

The Governor of Independent Long Island is already working in the Commonwealth Nations Research Society (CNRS) in order to foster positive change, and even improve the environment of the Commonwealth of Nations in the long term, so he will certainly do his best to make that happen. Your bringing out the news of ILI’s existence to the world will do even more, because by swelling the ILI Nation with good and capable people, the Governor will even have some additional help in order to reach that goal.

Another poll was closed as well, the one that should have decided whether the unique Saint René Descartes should become the patron saint of Independent Long Island. Here however, the 2 to 1 vote in favour was less decisive, so the Governor has postponed this decision for a later date.

As some of you may already know, the Independent Long Island flag is now flying high on a long flag pole at its allocated one acre non-staffed Official Office Embassy Estate at the Imperium of Dewaco Estates, which is located near Trenton in the US State of Missouri. However, ILI’s flag has also done some travelling in February, and that same flag in Missouri has already seen in:

  1. The Cayman Islands, a British overseas territory located in the western Caribbean Sea with a capital city of George Town;
  2. Montego Bay in Jamaica, an island nation of the Greater Antilles also situated in the Caribbean Sea, and with a capital in Kingston;
  3. The Isle of Cozumel in Mexico, an island in the Caribbean Sea just off the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula (the capital of Mexico is Mexico City).

In fact, according to an article recently published in the DBWF Provisional Post, after a formal request had been submitted by the Imperial Government of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates, limited special permission and authorisation was granted from the Captain of the I.S.S. Conquest (Imperial Sea Ship Conquest) to allow for the presentation of the Official State Flags of the three nations of Independent Long Island, the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates, and the Dominion of British West Florida at the top level of the ship’s atrium located on Deck Eleven! All three flags were flown for a period of over one hour! Pretty impressive for a nation born practically yesterday, eh?!

So ILI’s flag is flying strong in Missouri at the Imperium of Dewaco Estates, but it has already visited an additional three nations and territories, and has even flown on board a giant cruise ship! For a period of time, you can see ILI flag pictures at the home page of ILI’s Web site, and at the bottom of the News page:

By the way, when you add the “Independent Long Island” words to a Google search, you realise that ILI now enjoys the very top position, which means the Web site has more traffic than even than The Independent, an East End of Long Island paper not associated with Independent Long Island!


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