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What is an Independent Long Islander?

March 13, 2008

What is an Independent Long Islander or Ilier?

Some people in America identify themselves from where they come from. If their parents or grandparents came from Poland, they call themselves Polish-Americans.

Some people in America identify themselves from where they are. If their ancestry is so complicated you need to several races and/or ethnic groups, and several percentages, they call themselves American.

A few people in America identify themselves not from where they came from, or from where they are, but from where they are going. If they feel their ancestors didn’t give them any special advantage, whether those ancestors were Polish, or American, and also feel the American, capitalistic, imperialistic, and militaristic culture is alien to them, they may call themselves Independent Long Islanders or Iliers.

The first kind of Americans are called Conservatives. The second kind of Americans are called Progressive. The third kind are neither American in a “United States of America” sense, nor Conservative, nor Progressive. The third kind are called Original.

Independent Long Islanders don’t live in the past or in the present, but are living in the future. You can choose to ignore the social, economic, and environmental problems of today, the very same problems which one day may prevent you and your children from having a future, and every choice you make will make you pretty much like everybody else, either a hyphenated American or an American. However, you can also choose to study the problems you don’t understand so you can find real solutions, and/or immediately work on the problems if you have already found real solutions.

Independent Long Islanders are already living in the future, because they are shaping that future by their very unorthodox or unpopular actions today. Criticise them if you will, but they are not waiting for the future to just happen. They realise that the future may not actually happen if we continue down the current perilous path, a path which may lead to extinction of all life on Earth, not just human life. Iliers are making the future happen now, so the appropriate changes that need to be made are immediately put into action, and have a chance of manifesting themselves to an ever greater degree as time goes by.

Good things don’t come to those who wait for good things to happen. Good things come by making good things happen today.


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