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Independent Long Island appoints first ambassador

September 16, 2008

The Governor of Independent Long Island (ILI) announced today the appointment of the Hon. James Alcock as Independent Long Island High Commissioner to Canada.

This is Independent Long Island’s first diplomatic post ever. In the Commonwealth, member nations do not have ambassadors to the countries of each other, but high commissioners. Since Independent Long Island plans to join the Commonwealth in the future, the Hon. James Alcock was appointed High Commissioner to Canada.

Independent Long Island and Canada enjoy a close and longstanding bilateral relationship. The Governor of Independent Long Island is the President of Planet Communications & Computing Facility (PCCF) Ltd, a Canadian federal corporation providing Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) numbers to its subscribers, and through this organisation he owns a class C /24 IPv4 network, which totals 256 nodes or IP numbers.

The Governor has also had a longstanding and positive relationship with another Canadian, Dr. Joe Baptista, PublicRoot Representative of the PublicRoot Consortium. Dr. Baptista in the past has recognised that the Governor legitimately purchased two TLDs from the INAIC, the .university and .amore TLDs, and that he also registered the .pic and .baron TLDs in the Cesidian Root in good faith. Dr. Baptista has also recognised the .ili and .bu TLDs, and has shown pleasure at the occupation of the .um TLD by the Cesidian Root when ICANN dropped it from its root zone file. Thus Dr. Baptista has granted Cesidian Root TLDs extraordinary legitimacy for alternative TLDs, and has also shown great support for the work of the Hon. Peter Dambier, Cesidian Root Officer and Lieutenant Governor of the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA), Independent Long Island’s Overseas Territory.

It should also be mentioned that the Governor of Independent Long Island works as the Webmaster for a website owned by the Toronto Party Transportation Committee, and is an honorary Canadian citizen as well. The good vibes between Independent Long Island and Canada work in many ways, and we hope this relationship can grow, and even improve with the assistance of the Hon. Alcock’s work as High Commissioner to Canada.

The Hon. James Alcock, along with the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Independent Long Island (ILI), will be attending the Third North American Secessionist Convention to be held in Manchester, New Hampshire, on November 14-16, 2008. As our First Ambassador, the Hon. Alcock will function as ILI Ambassador-at-Large, but also work as ILI’s Consul to Middlebury Institute member organisations, with regard to the proposal of establishing an independent Atlantic federation of Canadian maritime provinces and northern New England states. Our Ambassador will work both on our behalf, and on behalf of Convention attendees, by providing useful advice and suggestions. We hope that this can lay the groundwork not just for a future independent Atlantic federation, but also bring new Canadian members into the Middlebury Institute.

The Hon. James Alcock also hopes to commence discussions with certain Middlebury Institute members about potential future Commonwealth of Nations membership(s), and plans to make a brief speech at the Convention about the Commonwealth of Nations, in order to both educate and eliminate misconceptions.


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