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Are you serious?

September 27, 2008

Thursday afternoon a bank robber walked into a Centereach, Independent Long Island bank located inside a supermarket, and handed the teller a note demanding cash and threatening to open fire if the teller didn’t comply (story link).

The bank teller had a simple question for the would-be robber: are you serious?

Apparently the sceptical teller’s question was enough to spook the female suspect, who fled the Roslyn Savings Bank without getting a dime.

I wish I could ask a similar question to Obama and McCain: are you serious? Are you serious in wanting to become the next President of a country which is in serious economic trouble, and to whose trouble you yourself have contributed? I just wish I could ask that question, but I’m afraid they have so much money backing them (real guns in a bipartisan plutocracy and make-believe democracy), that they wouldn’t just be spooked by the question, and leave the presidential post to someone more qualified, and less responsible for our current economic woes.

We, Bank Tellers of the country’s Public Trust, have a right to stop yet another bank robber of the country in the form of sectarian political-economic interests (parties), and backed with billions in public and private funds. We have a right to prevent yet another four-year armed robbery of the country’s goods, rights, and freedoms.

Yesterday, at the presidential debate organised by the self-defined “Commission on Presidential Debates”, I watched one elderly candidate emulate another one, of another era (Ronald Reagan), while a younger candidate emulated yet another candidate of another era still (John F. Kennedy). Both the candidates aped someone else, but what we really need now is someone who can think with his own head, not Reagan’s or Kennedy’s, not a man for a season, but a man for all seasons.

I don’t know about you, but I will not waste my vote on neither of these puppets of special interests, I will vote for an alternative canditate, even though I know he will probably not win, and I will see the existence of these candidates as licence for the further development of the office of the Governor of Independent Long Island.


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