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New Brooklyn Mail service

April 20, 2009

Brooklyn Mail

Do you speak Brooklynese?

Bird = Boid
Bronx = Braunx
Coffee = Cawfee
Long = Laung
Oh My God = Oh My Gawd
Slippers = Slippiz
I’ll talk to you in an hour = I’ll tawk to you in an howa
King’s Plaza = King’s Plee-AZZ-a
With you = Witcha
I didn’t do it = I di-int do it
Staten Island = Stah-in-eyelind
What are you going to do about it? = Whadaya gunna do aboudit?

Well, maybe not! But that doesn’t mean you can’t move to Brooklyn, the capital of Independent Long Island!

As the Governor of Independent Long Island, I’m only happy to help you move into Brooklyn, at least vicariously!

I’m happy to announce a new service: Brooklyn Mail!

It’s the greatest thing since the Pony Express!!

With the Brooklyn Mail service you can establish a webmail address @

All services powered by Windows Live™, by the way!

So go ahead, and get yourself a nice webmail address at…


HMRD Cesidio Tallini


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