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ILI’s first municipal corporation is born

April 27, 2009

The bulldozers are rolling, and the activity is frenetic. A new city, and entirely new jurisdiction is under construction at this very moment!

Of course, this is not at all what is happening in my backyard, and actually it is quite a tranquil Sunday afternoon. Yet the metaphor I used previously is entirely realistic.

Article 3 of the Montevideo Convention is great in terms of state rights, but unfortunately it is a fact that all the land on the island of Long Island is controlled either by New York City or New York State. This leaves the Government of Independent Long Island (ILI), a junior or developing Fourth World nation, not only without an actual physical jurisdiction, but also without any financial support.

In order to begin to develop a physical jurisdiction, or something as close to one we can envision, we formed Independent Long Island’s first municipal corporation: Jamaica Square!

It was officially launched just minutes ago, at 6:40 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), on 26 April 2009, after being officially registered in the Micronational Professional Registry (MPR) as a ‘City’, and after writing this, it will also be registered with Corporations Independent Long Island (CILI), not as Independent Long Island’s first registered corporation (we have a few of those, even a Gibraltar-based one), but as its first municipal corporation ever!

We are still working feverishly as I speak, so please forgive us if the website is not quite perfect yet, because it, like the city of Jamaica Square, Independent Long Island itself, is still under construction, and I don’t just mean web construction. We are pretty quick with that! I mean living, populated, supported, web construction.

You can visit the new municipality’s website at:

In a few days we should also have the http://jmsq.ili domain up and running in the Cesidian Root, and it won’t be the first .ILI domain, but it will be the first completely native Cesidian Root domain (not a domain redirect).


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