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Secession Mania Spreads to Long Island, NY

June 3, 2009

Author: Gisela Martinez

Executive Summary – Contrary to what most people are aware of a part of a state can secede to form their own state. Maine separated from Mass. in 1820. West Virginia left Virginia during the civil war. Now Nassau and Suffolk counties in New York wish to leave New York. New York is a crime-ridden state. They have an extraordinary amount of people working for government and otherwise being supported by governments. Their education system is in shambles. They are anti-gun. They are of course greatly in favor of raising taxes as much as they can get away with. Nassau and Suffolk country are full of business owners and high-income professional people who have had enough and want to quit.

Details – The residents of these two counties pay $3,000,000,000 more in taxes than what they receive back. The law calls for the approval of the state legislature for the counties to secede. The counties know the state will bleed them into bankruptcy in an attempt to appease their voters who want free handouts. The two counties are talking of seceding any way, without the permission of the state legislature. They admit this is a revolution. Good for them.

Discussion – It appears that the honest hard working people have had it with politicians buying votes with handouts. Handouts are welfare, government projects, government jobs and government contracts. So not only are the states sick and tired of the fed, communities inside of a state are sick and tired of it too. The straw that broke the camels back has been reached.

When the US started, the requirement for voting was that one had to own property so worthless politicians would not ruin the country by taking the wealth from the rich and giving to the poor in return for votes. Worthless politicians would rather destroy the nation and get reelected than save the country and not be able to buy enough votes to win by providing handouts. The further from the constitution the nation gets, the worse it is. The high tax jurisdictions are generally the ones that are anti-gun. They know that eventually the people will put their foot down and say no to ever increasing taxes. They would much rather the people are unarmed when this point arrives. Someone should tell Nassau and Suffolk to secede from the Union, not just New York. This would remove any jurisdictional issues the State of New York will try to impose on their golden goose counties.

A good question is what will the people in these high tax states do when they get hit with secession. Everyone can’t work for the government or otherwise be supported by the government. Someone is going to have to take a chance and start a business. Problem is their socialist laws pertaining to business ownership drive businesses away combined with all their high taxes. So what are these people going to do? Well the answer is eventually give up on a big government and go to work or else starve, unless they can keep finding enough suckers to support them through high taxes and irresponsible political leaders.

A President like Obama is the perfect President for secession. He is weak, has little popular support, he is inexperienced, scared, confused and facing many problems regarding his own qualifications to be President. He is the President one wants for secession. He might not be President for much longer so hopefully the road to secession is short and used by many states while this window of opportunity is available. Can you imagine Obama waging war on the states like Lincoln did? Imagine the blowback from that. See what I mean. Obama is actually a good for something president – secession.

About the Author:

Gisela Martinez is a senior parter at Panama Legal law firm based in Panama City, Panama ( You can reach her at

Article Source: ArticlesBase.comSecession Mania Spreads to Long Island, NY


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