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“The Governor” on TV (seriously)

July 13, 2011

He is no longer the “Governor” of Independent Long Island officially, since he is the Curator of Independent Long Island now (the reason for that), but the taped piece on How The States Got Their Shapes, episode “Mouthing Off”, was pretty good, we have to admit.

And Independent Long Island (ILI) got shown a lot more than just vicariously, a lot more than just some appendage of New York State, Lon Guyland accent included!

For those who have never seen an Independent Long Island flag, you may be able to view this video within the territory of the US:

The HMRD Cesidio Tallini showing off the ILI flag (and a lot more…)

For those who live outside the US, and cannot view the video above due to copyright issues, or who would simply like to purchase some unique memorabilia about Independent Long Island (ILI), you can get a copy of the episode “Mouthing Off” of How The States Got Their Shapes at iTunes for only $2.99. Click the “View in iTunes” link in the 10th or last episode (“Mouthing Off“) below:

You can also pre-order the hard copy DVD version (viewable on DVD region 1 or universal/region-free players) of the episode at the link below for $24.95:

Thank you note the HMRD Cesidio Tallini received on 18 July 2011 for his contribution in How The States Got Their Shapes:


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